“JAZZ – Emotion of improvisation” is a photo project which has been created for 4 years. Predrag Todorović captures jazz in one unusual way. Set of black and white photos can be described as picturing emotions on big festival stages and also smoked and dark city clubs. He wanted to give bigger importance to improvising in jazz, so the photographs can not be put in a classical concert photography category. In that reason, identity of the musician is secondary, while the movement, emotion and atmosphere of the space are crucial to his photographs.

Presented in form of 20 black-white prints with black wooden frames. Dimensions are 70x50cm (horizontal) and 70x100cm (vertical). Price is 7,000 rsd for horizontal, and 10,000 rsd for vertical photographs.


For purchase you contact me through form, or by e-mail office@predragtodorovic.rs

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